We love Snackwyze. It fills in the gap in TekStack's content marketing strategy. Videos are fine, but they do not promote interaction, comes across as "too produced", expensive and cringy. Snackwyze clickthroughs are interactive, a perfect combination of visual elements and encourages the audience to engage. The clickthroughs are extremely easy to create, manage, distribute and measure. We embed them our websites, blogs and or share them as links.
  • Marc DiGiorgio
  • Founder, TekStack
Snackwyze has given our training courses a structured medium for people to walk through a complex process in our software, without needing immediate access to our application. When we can decrease the gap between modes —- the distance between where and how users practice and where and how they will complete a task in production — then we can increase engagement and retention, the effectiveness and value of the training. Snackwyze collapses that gap by acting as a transparent layer between practice and our console — users are effectively in our application interacting with features; they get the experience of trying something new without the risk, so that process can be reinforced before they have to do it independently. Furthermore, Snackwyze clickthroughs resist passive learning; users aren’t just reading text on a page or watching a video. Instead, they are actively controlling the pace at which they’re consuming and interacting with the content on their screen. These clickthroughs provide a way to foster self-paced, structured experiential learning, which is exactly what our courses needed.
  • Katie Wrabel
  • Manager, Instructional Design, Immuta
Until now, we focused on creating product videos with video recordings, adding voiceovers and animation - all of which needed usage of multiple tools, special skills and above all, countless hours. With Snackwyze we really found a cool way of demonstrating products with interactive tours, which are very easy to create and annotate and help us be more productive. Also, you don't have to be an AV expert, pretty much anybody can do it. We are using these as self-serve demo tours and our sales teams are loving it . Very soon, we plan to use these interactive tours for marketing and training use cases as well.
  • Tejo Prayaga
  • Sr. Director of Product Mang. & Marketing, CloudFabrix
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